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Since the 70s the first DJ started spinning records for a crowd. Throughout the years there have been many developments in music, technical setup and entertainment, so nowadays people expect more and more from a DJ.

Presentation, skills, but also entrepreneurial mindset and visibility is extremely important for a DJ to set yourself apart from the rest. Amsterdam Audio Collective set up an ultimate Bootcamp for DJs to help improve and challenge themselves. This program is for all levels and music styles and will push every DJ to be the best version of him/herself.

The training program​

To start off with some of Hollands' best DJs, who will give a masterclass. Also THE specialist from Pioneer DJ Nederland will tell you all about current and future DJ equipment and software.

You will train your skills in hands-on workshops to help you improve your technique and insight. This will all be supported by our technically skilled team, who will explain all exercises to you and who will answer all of your questions.

With an interactive Q&A by young and talented DJs BASSA and TOMMY, who are currently pursuing their dream in the club- and festival scene, we'll complete our intensive program. 


VIA Amsterdam

Diemerhof 20

1112 XN Diemen


DJ Irwan has been one of Holland's most active and respected club DJ for over 25 years. Also oversees he's spinning records with numerous international bookings. He will take you on a journey through his world and will show you some techniques to help you to set yourself apart from the rest.

DJ TLM is known as the DJ of Dutch rapper Brainpower. He has an impressive trackrecord with over 27 years of experience in the club scene. Some might know him from his collaboration with DJ City or from his very own DJ TLM TV, the biggest educational platform for DJs and Producers. He will talk about music sources and discusses the do's and don'ts.

DJ DNS is 4x winner of Dutch DJ Championships and had the honour of representing Holland in the world championships (eg. Redbull Thre3style) on more than one occasion. For over 25 years he has been teaching DJ-ing and "Turntablism'. He will dive deep in technical skills and will show you how to use the turntable/cdj as an instrument.


DJ Welly Well is a frequently booked and versatile DJ with over 20 years experience. He's a real entrepreneur and hosts his own events, manages a booking agency and he teaches the art of DJ-ing. In his masterclass he will discuss 'Music Management’ and he will help you with tips & tricks how to organise and best use your music collection as a DJ.

Jeroen Groenendijk / Pioneer DJ has been the face of Pioneer DJ Nederland for over 25 years. At almost any DJ fair (e.g. ADE, Dancefair) or music institute he's a regular and inspiring speaker. He will use his expertise to bring new insights on the DJ landscape, gear, techniques and software.

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