Skills and talent simply don’t do the job. Young and emerging artists struggle with the question “where to start”? More experienced artists wander instead of moving forward. Feeling left alone in a maze. No record label or booking agent will come by and simply take you by the hand. In times where being a DJ is more common than ever, it’s harder and harder to distinguish yourself and find your way.

Hard to believe but Artist Development is still pretty non-existent today.

At Amsterdam Audio Collective we help artists by developing their skills and build their talent. With the right guidance these artists will flourish in the music industry. We've worked with champions, winners of talent shows and many independent and emerging artists. Originality, talent and drive are the fundaments of our carefully curated roster for Bookings & Management. Our events are far from ordinary and we work with a divers team of passionated coaches. Together we aim to bring something different to the stage.

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