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The set up 

Getting to know the set-up and your tools is essential for a good start.

We’ll focus on DJ gear, where to get your music from and organize it in a good way. We break down music, try to figure out what kind of a DJ you are and focus on your sound.


A good DJ knows when to play a track and when to mix a new one in. Setting up a system to be able to find that one track when you need it, is crucial. But we also need to know our tracks, so we dive deeper in our collection.

Mixing techniques

If we want a juxebox, we simply buy one. A DJ needs to be more than that. There are many ways to switch tracks and a little variation will be refreshing on the dancefloor.

Loops & effects

When basic mixing goes well, it’s time to bring in some digital benefits. Depending on your style we will use it to add some extra flavor.

Stage ready

The technique should be on point. A slick performance is a must, but to get you on that stage we need a plan. A DJ needs to be an entrepreneur to be able to find his way to the stage. Offline and online appearance needs to match.



It’s all about starting with a plan. Together with a coach you will take apart songs, learn about what kind of techniques were used to create that special edge in a production. You will work primarily on Ableton but you will also cover other production platforms such as Logic Pro. Eventually you should be able to work in every DAW. 



One of the most important elements in a music production is the ’beat’. Learn how to create a beat that fits the genre you want to create and how to create your own unique signature that stands out. 

Melody & Progressions
Beside creating beats, the melody & progressions are just as essential, you will learn about music theory and you will be able to apply this per genre. How to arrange a song and how to layer those in the right musical way. But also how to work with sequencers and synthesizers/Plugins.

You will dive into recording techniques and the theory behind it.

Mixing & Mastering
Learning how to find the right balance or even push technical boundaries with creating a mixdown is key. We'll also touch the art of mastering.

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