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Vinyl is back…as it should! In a digital world, it’s sometimes great to reminisce back to the early analog days. At Zwarte Liefde, we celebrate our love for vinyl and black music. All DJ’s will play 100% vinyl and that means some occasionally skipping and that characteristic squeaking sound. We go from scratches to smooth blends with a mixture of hip-hop, r&b, soul, funk and disco. 


Zwarte Liefde is born and raised in Amsterdam and started in 2017. Founding father Welly Ibrahim aka Welly Well, gathered old friends and met new friends along the way. Evolved from an idea to an event and even a collective, they now spin records to spread the love. Being crafty has its charm, but also comes at a price. For old times’ sake, these guys handpick their best selection and fill up their terribly heavy crates to rock any stage.


Gradually, Zwarte Liefde created a fan base with vinyl lovers and hosted events at venues like Amsterdam Roest, Bret, Rapa Nui, Westergasterras, De Dakkas and ADAM&CO. Booking requests started coming in for one-off vinyl DJ sets, which raised the need for a Zwarte Liefde Soundsystem. In the summer of 2019 they kicked it off at Waterkant Amsterdam and they have an appetite for more.


Set to spread love and happiness, this collective of vinyl lovers is ready to conquer the rest of Holland and beyond.

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