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Keeping it fresh and surprising with creative mixes, blends and scratches. He can easily adapt to most of his audience by reading the crowd and playing basically any genre, as long as its funky groovy soulful and danceable. One thing is for sure he knows how to keep the dance floor exited with the latest hits and blends it with the best classic sounds.


Isaac Blaze, better known as Isaac de Meer, is a versatile deejay based in Amsterdam (NL). He started in the mid 90’s with 2 belt drive turntables; a cheap mixer bought at a flea market and a small collection (vinyl) records (4 crates). He could experiment with different music styles and practice his DJ skills. Technology changed from analogue to digital and Isaac sharpened up his skills easier than before. He gained more experience over the years and developed a various taste of music in time.


Bookings and several residencies at the best and biggest clubs/events across the Netherlands started coming in. He’s a familiar face in the Amsterdam club scene and spins on a regular at “The Illest” (Amsterdam’s longest running classic hip hop/ R&B events). But Isaac also crossed the border and did deejay sets in countries as Belgium, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.


Driven by ambition, enthusiasm, his pure passion for music and a lot of potential, Isaac has set to conquer the world.

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