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A special sense of feeling the vibe and easily adapts to any crowd.

Ready to rock in urban, but also blends in past- and present hits if needed. He always brings the energy and takes all of us on his journey.


Cartero, better known as Jari van Harten, grew a passion looking up to his friend. He started at the age of 14 and rapidly developed his skill. Broadened his music collection and really had put in the hours. Only 2 years later he started promoting and hosting his own events.


This was a kick-start to a fully booked agenda. Bookings and several residencies started coming in. He played at bigger and smaller venues throughout Holland alongside names like Lil Kleine, Boef, Famke Louise, SBMG and Dave Roelvink. Got to play a couple of national festivals and even did some sets in Mallorca, Tenerife and Italy.


Cartero is eager and destined to spread his wings and conquer more hearts, nationally and internationally.

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